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Different modalities help to treat different issues. One size doesn’t fit all, so we believe in these complementary modalities:



globuli-3163134_1920 Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on natural laws. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered these natural laws more than 200 years ago and applied them to heal diseases. Homeopathy recognizes that the whole person-mind, body and spirit-is affected when there is illness. Therefore the focus is not the diseased part or the sickness but on the whole individual. Homeopathic medicines also known as remedies, stimulate the body’s vital force to initiate the healing process. Over 500 million patients are treated by some 100,000 homeopathic doctors worldwide, making homeopathy the most popular alternative medicine.

Homeopathy has 4 principles that remain unchanged over the last 200 years. These are the foundation to classical homeopathy.

  • Similia Similbus Curentur which is “like cures like”. A substance that can produce disease in a healthy person is used to elicit a healing response in someone presenting with a similar disease.
  • A Single Remedy is given at any one time. The response of the vital force would be unpredictable and confusing with multiple remedies and would lead to long-term unsatisfactory results.
  • Minimum Dose of the remedy is sufficient for cure as in homeopathy, less is better. Minimum dosage eliminates the adverse and side effects of the material dose of drugs that are given in larger quantities and with frequent repetitions.
  • Homeopathic remedies, though made from natural substances such as plants, minerals, animals, etc., are manufactured unlike any other medicine where they undergo a process called potentization. Through a process of serial dilution, a very dilute extract is made and  with every step of dilution the remedy is vigorously shaken or succussed by which there is arousal of the dynamic nature of the medicine.

It is the above features that make homeopathy gentle, safe and rapid system to bring about cure in a holistic manner. To experience the benefits of homeopathy please contact Neeta@HealthPoint Studio as Neeta not only has an experience since 2006 but she continually hones her skills by attending academic sessions at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy taught by Professor George Vithoulkas, a world renowned Homeopath.


zen-2040340_1920.jpgCounselling is a science which alleviates pain, suffering, stress, anxiety etc without medications. In cases of illnesses where medications are essential, clients are encouraged to maintain the requisite treatment alongside. As a prospective client you may wonder if one can really change and whether it is possible to bring about the desired change by one’s own introspective inner work. To this we would say that the effort to break away from the patterned behaviour meets resistance from none other but our own selves.

The struggle to bring a change can be a lonely quest. We may find ourselves gravitating towards old ways and as a counsellor our role is to journey with clients on a path that leads to the destination that is desired and agreed upon. We might feel overwhelmed by situations that will seem to bring disappointment. Making meaning out of these and actively turning them into learnings will be an intent of the therapy work. A satisfactory outcome will be a time where the client emerges confident and empowered to deal with the situations effectively on his or her own.

In case  you are experiencing any of the following situations, we provide professional counselling to help you create a better life.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Mood Disorders
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Coping with grief or illness
  • Feeling stuck in making decisions
  • Difficulties in achieving objectives
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Adjustment Issues
  • Relationship Issues

To get help for Counselling needs please contact Neeta@HealthPoint Studio as she is a certified Professional CBT Counsellor and is registered with Singapore Association of Counselling.


bach-flower-therapy-187799_1920This system of healing was developed by Dr. Edward Bach. Drawing on the natural healing powers of different wildflowers, Bach Flower remedies seek to combat negative states of mind that often result in physical problems. Dealing with these negativities resolves physical problems and also strengthens positive emotions and mindsets. These remedies help to heal and bring harmony to the individual.

Bach Flower Remedies address issues like fears, bad habits, indecisiveness, disinterests, physical and mental stress, low spirit and despondency. Each flower has an ability to address a specific negative state and it reinstalls harmony in the individual. Here is a brief description of the negative emotions that can be transformed with the individual flower remedy.

  • Agrimony – mental torture behind a cheerful face
  • Aspen – fear of unknown things
  • Beech – intolerance
  • Centaury – the inability to say ‘no’
  • Cerato – lack of trust in one’s own decisions
  • Cherry Plum – fear of the mind giving way
  • Chestnut Bud – failure to learn from mistakes
  • Chicory – selfish, possessive love
  • Clematis – dreaming of the future without working in the present
  • Crab Apple – the cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred
  • Elm – overwhelmed by responsibility
  • Gentian – discouragement after a setback
  • Gorse – hopelessness and despair
  • Heather – self-centredness and self-concern
  • Holly – hatred, envy and jealousy
  • Honeysuckle – living in the past
  • Hornbeam – tiredness at the thought of doing something
  • Impatiens – impatience
  • Larch – lack of confidence
  • Mimulus – fear of known things
  • Mustard – deep gloom for no reason
  • Oak – the plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
  • Olive – exhaustion following mental or physical effort
  • Pine – guilt
  • Red Chestnut – over-concern for the welfare of loved ones
  • Rock Rose – terror and fright
  • Rock Water – self-denial, rigidity and self-repression
  • Scleranthus – inability to choose between alternatives
  • Star of Bethlehem – shock
  • Sweet Chestnut – Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left
  • Vervain – over-enthusiasm
  • Vine – dominance and inflexibility
  • Walnut – protection from change and unwanted influences
  • Water Violet – quiet self-reliance leading to isolation
  • White Chestnut – unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
  • Wild Oat – uncertainty over one’s direction in life
  • Wild Rose – drifting, resignation, apathy
  • Willow – self-pity and resentment

The original system also includes an emergency combination remedy which is popularly known as Rescue Remedy. Other pre-mixed combinations are offered by many remedy producers, but they tend to be ineffective because they are not chosen individually.

To get consultation for your personalised needs please contact Neeta@HealthPoint Studio as she is a certified Bach therapist and is registered with Bach