The following testimonials have been acquired and published with the full knowledge and consent of my patients/ clients. Some names have not been disclosed, to maintain the privacy of my clients.


Ms. E.Wei

I first approached Neeta when I was expecting my second child in 2014 and wanted a natural way to induce birth. I went into labour within a couple of days of seeing Neeta, and my gynaecologist was surprised at how quickly and smoothly the labour progressed. Neeta also prescribed other homeopathic remedies to help deal with my birth-related anxieties.
Since then, Neeta is indispensable in treating my children for various ailments from hacking coughs to tummy bugs to high fevers to worms. She also prescribes Bach Flower remedies to help regulate my children’s emotions. My husband also takes Neeta’s homeopathic remedies to treat his colds and skin-related issues. I remain in close contact with Neeta even after moving to the UK two years ago.

Ms. Razak

“Dr. Neeta Kapoor’s sincere and genuine interest to help comes through clearly in the way she reaches out to her client. I was touched by the way she extended her assistance to me in such an earnest way.  I also found that homeopathy was a non-invasive method of treating my condition.  Everyone knows that the emotional support that you get when you are down is invaluable in the process of healing and in this respect Dr. Kapoor came through for me.”


Ms. Anita

My family and I have been strong believers in the power of homeopathy for many years now. To us, homepathic treatment means holistic healing from the inside out for the long run, not a quickfix solution to our health-related problems. The efficacy of the treatment has depended largely on our physician’s perceptiveness and intuitiveness. Our physician Neeta Kapoor’s skills and follow-through have always resulted in a thorough fix to the `problem’ and most often the problem has gone away for good – for example, my son’s Tonsilitis and my acute hyperacidity with acne break-out . 

Her sensitive mind, body and soul approach to resolving our health concerns have also resulted in an overall wellbeing. Along with resolution of physical health concerns, moods have been uplifted, attitudes – positive!


Ms. Goh

From the moment I stepped into Healthpoint Homeopathy clinic and was met by Neeta Kapoor, I knew I had found the person who would be able to help me with the skin problems I was dealing with.  With her sweet smile and gentle eyes, she welcomed me into her office and that demeanour of hers has been so consistent all these three years I’ve been under her care for various other conditions.

Unlike the look of the ‘usual’ clinics I’ve been accustomed to, filled with the odours of dispensary, people coughing away in the waiting room and being pressured by nurses or counter staff asking a whole host of questions, there was so much privacy in such a homeopathy set up. Being a highly-sensitive and private person myself, I find this style of treatment very suitable to my needs.

Neeta is focused, a great listener, possessing excellent bedside manners, which is more than anyone can ask for.  And so, at my inaugural visit, as I went through the customary questionaire pertaining to my family background, upbringing etc as is the practice of homeopathy, I find myself sharing with her very comfortably and even experienced a special sense of peace and relief as one would receive from someone proficient in the skills of counselling. This wholistic approach which Neeta is able to offer is something I embrace as a logical and necessary means for any physical and emotional healing and for that, she achieved great wonders for my life.  At every visit, I find Neeta not only calming but also reassuring in all her ways.

I feel very privileged to have met Neeta and have the highest respect and regard for her. Besides being introduced to a totally new way of self-recovery, I feel so blessed to have come into this discovery through such a wonderful physician as Neeta Kapoor.


Ms. Preeti

 After being intubated for a few days during and after a surgery, I had lost my voice. All I could do was whisper. I was told by the doctors that it can take 2-3 weeks for the voice to come back after being intubated. I waited for a month and still there was no improvement. I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to consult a specialist. After the tests I was told that one of my vocal chord was paralyzed and that was the reason for the loss of speech. All they could offer was to wait (upto an year) to see if it recovered by itself else there was another procedure to inject some stuff in my vocal chord to move it closer to the other chord so that they could touch and my voice can become audible. I did not want any procedure and was almost losing my hope when I spoke to Neeta.

After listening to my case in details, she prescribed medicine that brought my voice back to normal in less than 3 weeks. It was a miracle for me and I have become a fan of Neeta and Homeopathy since then.

Ms. A.P

Dearest Neeta, this thank u note is long overdue, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing a wonderful job for all the various treatments i have had since 2007 until now in the year 2013. I specially remember your loving support during my daughters PSLE exam through you timely medication for stress and anxiety ,you really handled my situation very well .Your diagnosis is always so accurate ,i feel so safe to discuss my health issues in your presence and always feel assured of a remedy.Thanks to your effective  remedies acidity,heartburn are a thing of the past now.Anxiety and stress is welcome of course with your magical homeopathy white pills:-) .

Thanks for showcasing homeopathy at its best to me via treatment to IBS, Iron deficiency,Cold, cough, Fever etc.  Thanks Dr. Neeta!”


Ms. J.P

It is my utmost pleasure and privilege to write this testimonial for Dr. Neeta Kapoor. I have been her patient for over a year now. Her consultation, diagnosis and solutions have worked magically for me. Dr. Neeta never rushes through an appointment. She takes the time to understand the problem and is extremely precise in what she prescribes. Being a skeptic on taking any medication I have now started relying immensely on homeopathy. The medications have no side effects and unlike the perception I carried the results have been immediate. I wouldn’t trust anyone with my family and my medical needs as much as I do with Dr. Neeta Kapoor.


Ms. MS

 I have a son aged 14 now. When he was 10, he was having chronic issues of Nose Bleeding and Constipation. While we thought that its a very usual matter, it was not getting severe. We attempted the regular allopathic medicines for long and visited multiple doctors. We even tried the traditional Indian ways of the treatment for the ailment, to our frustration it was not getting cured. The child was suffering a lot and we are feeling helpless. It was then, we decided to introduce Homeopathy to him and consulted Dr. Neeta Kapoor for the same. She did a detailed case study and counselling for Hanshul and put him on a medicine course for 3 months. We were really delighted to observe the improvements it brought and in 6 months time my son was cured. We really have felt and realised that for long term chronic ailments Homeopathy is the best solution.



My daughter, 5 years old, got treated for a brief period for recurring cold & Tonsillitis; she has shown great improvement. She is now able to drink and eat cold food without having Tonsils inflammation. She is not on medicines anymore. She liked the medicines Previous treatments were using allopathy medicines and yielded only temporary results with some side effects. I liked the way my daughter was handled by Dr.Neeta at Healthpoint  – Very friendly and patient. I would strongly recommend the clinic.



I’ve been seeing Dr. Kapoor for the past three years. I prefer a treatment modality that puts wellness in my hands and that avoids pathologization and dependence. The combination of homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy administered by Dr. Kapoor is perfect. She helps me address the root emotional causes that underlie physical symptoms and puts the onus on me to use the treatment regimen towards healing. I leave her office feeling taken care of, but also empowered and committed to my long-term well-being, which is how all health practitioners should ideally approach the important work they do. 



We are blessed to have such a sweet, lovely and intelligent doctor. Please find below some of the experiences of my family :

Child 13 years (MSS): Cold, Sore throat and Fever
Symptoms reduced on the same day and completely relieved after completing the given course of medicine.
Fever , Stomach Flu and Phlegm
Symptoms relieved after taking homeopathy medicine and re-occurrences of such symptoms also reduced.
Female Adult (SSS): Cold, Flu with Fever
Symptoms reduced on the same day after taking the given medicine and completely cured after 4 days. PMS symptoms like headache, early menses, feeling low, anger are in control after taking homeopathy medicine. Warts on fingers disappeared after taking homeopathic medicine didn’t re-occur for many years.
Male Adult (MS): Piles/ hemorrhoids
Extreme pain and burning sensation reduced in 2 days and completely cured after 7 days. Didn’t reoccur for the past 4 months. Bach Flower Therapy taken for Anger, Stress, Sleep issues and marked relief was experienced after taking the treatment.
  • Mr.Paul Wei

    Neeta has helped me to overcome a long term smoking habit with tremendous success. Her treatment regimen was simple, effortless to administer and left me with hardly any withdrawal pangs. I have stopped smoking for nearly 3 years now. I am very grateful for Neeta’s help to me.

    Ms.Tara, lawyer, UK

    My family and I have been blessed to have Dr Neeta as our trusted homeopath since 2014. She always asks the right questions to tailor make the homeopathic or Bach Flower remedy. I was not familiar with Bach Flower remedies before meeting Dr.Neeta and it has profoundly helped my child overcome emotional
    issues and when faced with anxious situations. Thanks to her, our family’s health has reached a higher level. Dr Neeta instantly puts you at ease and is extremely professional. I could not recommend her highly enough.

    Annie Chan

    When my 3rd and 4th children were at 39.5weeks inside my womb, my gynae had advised that they would be induced in the hospital on the EDD because they were getting big. Fearful that the induction will ended up in C-sect (especially when my cercix was 0cm dilated for my 3rd child), I had approached Neeta to help dilate the cervix using homeopathy. Neeta’s homeopathy had helped to successfully open up my cervix within 2 to 3 days, such that I had experienced contraction and managed to give birth to both children before the EDD. I did not need to be hospitalized to induce my babies, all thanks to Neeta !