How does Homeopathy work

In today’s world, holistic healing has become a sought-after treatment and maintenance mode for one’s health. The state of our health is viewed as a balance of the three planes of existence- mental, emotional and physical. One cannot fragment or compartmentalize each separately as the state of one influences the state of the other. The more we become aware of the existence of this synergy, the more we are able to enjoy a balanced level of health. This balance is reflected in the vitality or our inherent energy that is experienced in our day to day activities. As humans we are driven by this inherent energy and it is the endeavor of holistic treatments to vitalize or stimulate this complex energy to bring about balance at all the three planes of existence- body, mind and spirit. This sustaining complex energy is the vital force which is intelligent and guides the defense mechanism to maintain harmony in health or in a situation of disease.

In a disease state, in its attempt to bring back harmony, the vital force triggers certain changes in the system and these are observed as symptoms of the disease. These symptoms are produced to restore the balance of the healthy state and are to be viewed as helpful to the situation. Inappropriate interventions that are suppressive in nature lead to the weakening of the defense of the system even though we might experience a short-term immediate relief. An ideal cure would be one which renders strength to the vital force by amplifying the magnitude of the same symptoms that are produced in the diseased state. Homeopathy is one such system of holistic medicine which is based on the principle of “like cures like”. 

The term “Homeopathy” is derived from Greek language where “Homoeo” means “similar” and “Pathos” means “suffering”. It was through experimenting, research and clinical observations that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the founder of homeopathy, presented to the world this gentle and safe system of medicine. Substances that produced disease in healthy persons were identified and were used to stimulate a healing response when patients presented with similar symptoms in a diseased state. This can be understood by a simple example of red onion in treatment of colds and flus. If we (in healthy state) peel onion it makes our eyes tear, nose run and brings about burning sensation in the eyes and nose. Allium cepa is one of the homeopathic remedy made from red onions and can be used in treatment of allergic rhinitis, colds and flu as these diseases have a similar presentation of the symptoms. 

Since homeopathy is a system that is based on stimulating the vital force, administration of a similar energized homeopathic remedy is employed for bringing about cure. Homeopathic remedies are manufactured through a process wherein a natural substance is diluted several times to negate the side effects of the material dose. Another essential process is energizing process wherein the dilution is vigourously shaken or succussed. This process of succusssion releases the dynamic force or healing energy of the substance. Hence homeopathic remedies that could be either from plant, mineral or animal source are potentised and bring about a safe and gentle healing action without the side effects of the material dose.

essential-oils-3321811_1920.jpgEliciting a healing response means selecting the right remedy for a patient. This involves gaining a complete understanding of the patient’s health at all levels- mental, emotional and physical. The goal of the treatment is to bring in a natural state of balance and health and the right remedy will stimulate the patient’s own defense mechanism to being in a reorganizing at every level of existence in an intelligent manner.  Hence an understanding of the patient’s disease is to view it as a unique individual expression at all levels. For example in migraine headaches it could be observed that one might have pain on waking in the morning, while another has it before onset of menses. Still another person could have had these since the loss of a family member, and yet another could have it when exposed to draft of cold air. It is important to recognize these differences in arriving at the right remedy that is meant for him or her and not for just the named disease.

The classical and original homeopathy practitioners will prescribe only one remedy at time as they will be able to identify the most indicated remedy to bring about the best healing response. The selection process would involve a homeopathic consultation with a classical homeopath who would skillfully interview the patient to elicit all the relevant information. The homeopathic remedy will be prescribed which could be administered in the form of sweet globules or drops of the dilution to be taken as just a single dose or be given for careful repetitions. It will be important to be self-observant about the changes taking place in the system over a period of time and revisit the homeopath for a follow-up visit. 

 A long-lasting wellness with increased energy and a stronger immune system is the reality that can be experienced through homeopathic treatment. A good lifestyle, healthy genetic predisposition and minimal suppressive treatments would mean faster healing response. Situations that are contrary will require a careful follow-up evaluation of prescriptions and a predictable healing response can be observed and experienced. It is about time that homeopathy can be reintroduced to the world as one of the most effective medicine system to raise the level of health of the world population.


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